Hizorb Airlaid Wipes


The Hizorb Airlaid wipe is a  strong and highly absorbent washcloth that becomes very soft when moistened. It lathers well with soap for effective washing but it also givews an excellent drying performance.

These wipes are suitable for disposal in a macerator.

What are Airlaid wipes?

Airlaid wipes are a strong and extremely absorbent tissue that has been manufactured by combining fibres with air, resulting in a tough wipe.

As well as Medical environments, they are perfect for large cleaning areas you may find in a printing or engineering company, offering lint-free buffing on a big scale. However, they are just as effective on everyday dirt and spillages.


IPS Code Size (mm) Pallet Qty
W023B 300 x 330 20 x 100 (bags)