Hizorb 606 SMS Wipers

Hizorb 606 SMS Wipers materialHizorb 606 SMS Wipers for the power industryHizorb 606 SMS Wipers for the utilities and power industries
  • A high performance wiper for the power and utility sector available in flat sheet, folded and roll formats.
  • High strength, high performance, lint free wiping for switch gear and network equipment.
  • Excellent absorbency and liquid retention, 850% oil absorbency.
  • Multi-layered SMS wiper, manufactured from 100% polypropylene.
  • Extremely high performance wiping with solvents and thinners.
  • High resistance level to linting and abrasion, prevents fire loss from the surface and increases product life in use.
  • Can be used as a pre-impregnated wiper for the removal of stubborn and ground in dirt like oil, grease and bitumen residues.
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IPS Code Size (mm) Format Colour Case Qty Pallet Qty
H606 380 x 320 ¼ fold wipers Blue 8 bags x 75 wipers 30
H606BX 350 x 320 Hizorb-Box wipers Blue 100 wipers 90
H606CR400 380 x 320 Centrefeed roll Blue 400 sheets 30
H606FS 380 x 300 Flat sheet wipers Blue 400 sheets 30