Hizorb 1200 WP/PES Wipers

Hizorb 1200 WP/PES Wipers - IPS Converters
  • A cost effective, all purpose, low lint wiper with excellent strength and absorbency
    Excellent wiping performance, cleans up dirt, grease and oil
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of solvents and cleaning agents, contains no binders so won’t break up
  • Manufactured from wood pulp/polyester spunlace nonwoven
  • A cleaner more usable alternative to rags
  • The Hizorb 1200 range of tough durable nonwoven wipers are suitable for wipe up and cleaning in a wide range of industrial applications including aerospace, utility industries, manufacturing, maintenance, transport and printing.
  • Stronger then paper wipes, avoid the potential risks and wastage of contaminated rags with the consistency and performance of Hizorb 1200 wipers every time.”


IPS CodeSize (mm)FormatColourPallet QtyCase Qty
H120038B360 x 250¼ fold wipersTurquoise8 bags x 50 wipers56
H120038W360 x 250¼ fold wipersWhite8 bags x 50 wipers56
H1200BXB350 x 250Hizorb box wipersTurquoise150 wipers90
H1200BXW350 x 250Hizorb box wipersWhite150 wipers90
H1200CRB400360 x 250Coreless rollTurquoise400 sheets100
H1200CRW400360 x 250Coreless rollWhite400 sheets100