Foldex Theatre Tray Liners

Foldex Theatre Tray Liners by IPS Converters

Manufactured from a choice of base sheet materials, either soft, absorbent air-laid cellulose or medical grade crepe paper.  Used beneath instruments in theatre trays, the high levels of absorbency typical of cellulose based materials helps to remove condensation during steam sterilisation.

What is a Theatre Tray Liner?

Theatre tray liners can be manufactured in a range of materials and used in theatre trays or baskets to absorb condensation, facilitating the production of dry trays and helping to reduce the incidence of wet/damaged packs.

Tray liner materials are manufactured from soft, bulky and highly absorbent cellulose airlaid.


Theatre Tray Liners – Airlaid Paper
NPC CodeIPS CodeSize (mm)Pallet Qty
T006A300 x 3004 bags x 100 liners
VMC055T006A200300 x 3002 bags x 100 liners
T006B450 x 3005 bags x 100 liners
VMC056T006B125450 x 3001 bags x 125 liners
T006C600 x 3005 bags x 100 liners
VMC058T006C400600 x 3004 bags x 100 liners
Theatre Tray Liners – Crepe Paper
4500230 x 13020 bags x 100 liners
VMC059T007A900300 x 3009 bags x 100 liners
VMC060T007B900450 x 3009 bags x 100 liners
VMC069T007C600600 x 3006 bags x 100 liners
VMC062T007D800500 x 3008 bags x 100 liners
VMC070T007D300600 x 6003 bags x 100 liners