Foldex Theatre Towels

Foldex Theatre Towels - product by IPS Converters
  • A high specification hand towel for the most demanding of clinical procedures.
  • Manufactured from airlaid cellulose, Foldex Theatre Towels deliver maximum performance.
  • High bulk, embossed airlaid for excellent absorbency and strength – wet or dry.
  • Soft textile like feel
  • Dries hands quickly and effectively
  • Performance and quality – the ideal choice for gown and theatre packs.

What is a Theatre Towel?

A theatre towel is a high-performance hand towel suitable for use in operating theatres.

. To reduce infection risk, these towels should be disposable. They should also be highly absorbent and not degrade during quick and vigorous drying.

Disposable theatre towels can also be used for other drying purposes in an operating theatre and are typically included in sterile gown or theatre packs.


NPC CodeIPS CodeSize (cm)Case Qty
VJF324FT0134 x 3012 bags x 75 towels
VJF013FT0234 x 4810 bags x 50 towels
FT0366 x 308 bags x 100 towels