Foldex Scrim Towel

Foldex Scrim Towel - product by IPS Converters

Pre-folded scrim reinforced hand towels suitable for use as a surgeons hand towel in theatre and gown packs.

Manufactured from multi-ply high wet strength tissue with a nylon scrim reinforcing between the ply to provide extra strength and durability when used as a pre-scrub towel.


NPC CodeIPS CodeSize (mm)Pallet Qty
MRB187D066480 x 4006 bags x 100 towels
MRB186D066A380 x 4006 bags x 100 towels
DO66C300 x 34096 bags x 250 towels
S003600 x 4001000 (bulk pack)
S008260 x 1801000 (bulk pack)