Foldex Scrim Towels

Foldex Scrim Towels - product by IPS Converters

Pre-folded scrim reinforced hand towels suitable for use as a surgeons hand towel in theatre and gown packs.

These scrim towels are manufactured from multi-ply high wet strength tissue with a nylon scrim reinforcing between the ply. This scrim reinforcing provides extra strength and durability when used as a pre-scrub towel.

What is a scrim towel?

A scrim towel is a reinforced tissue. Its main advantages are that it gives better strength when scrubbing as well as improving the wipe-dry process.

Surfaces that it is ideal for using on include glass and other smooth and shiny surfaces, such as worktops. It works well in most environments and absorbs both water and oil.

As mentioned, scrim towels dry quickly and don’t leave behind lint.


NPC Code IPS Code Size (cm) Case Qty Pallet Qty
MRB187 D066 47 x 38 6 bags x 100 towels 45 cases
MRB186 D066A 38 x 38 6 bags x 100 towels 30 cases
MRB186 D066APL3 38 x 38 220 bags x 100 towels
DO66C 30 x 34 96 bags x 250 towels
DO66E 30 x 30 124 bags x 250 towels
DO66F 38 x 30 96 bags x 250 towels
S003 47 x 38 1000 (bulk pack) 21 cases
S008 25 x 19 1000 (bulk pack) 28 cases
D066M 47 x 38 12 bags x 100 towels 21 cases