Foldex Dressing Towel

Foldex Dressing Towel - Product by IPS Converters

Pre-folded dressing towels suitable for use in a wide range of ‘soft packs’.

The folded and mult-fold formats ensure that they will fit into a variety of packs and trays without the need for re-folding.

Manufactured from absorbent 2 ply high wet strength crepe tissue, free from recycled material, starch and optical brightening agents.

What is a Dressing Towel?

A dressing towel is regularly used in a wide range of sterile clinical packs both in hospitals and community procedures to dry clinicians hands.

The dressing towel can help minimise cross infection by providing a clean, single use hand towel manufactured from absorbent, high wet strength tissue every time.


NPC CodeIPS CodeSize (mm)Pallet Qty
MRB177D061430 x 38012 bags x 100 towels
VJF004D061MF430 x 38012 bags x 100 towels
D061MFL430 x 3801500 (bulk pack)
MRB178D063A500 x 45012 bags x 100 towels
VJF006D063MF500 x 4508 bags x 100 towels
D063MFL500 x 4501200 (bulk pack)
MRB185D065760 x 7608 bags x 50 towels