Foldex Clinical Procedure Sheets

Foldex Clinical Procedure Sheets - sterile hygenic wipe by IPS Converters
  • Manufactured from 1 ply absorbent cellulose tissue laminated to 1 ply polythene film to create an absorbent clinical field with a waterproof barrier which can absorb residual fluids and spillages whilst providing a waterproof barrier.
  • Available in flat sheet and pre-folded formats.
  • Suitable for gamma irradiation.

What is a Clinical Procedure Sheet?

Clinical procedure sheets are used for patient comfort and infection control during routine clinical interventions. They can be spread across beds, chairs and various other equipment. They have a waterproof membrane to protect surfaces and an absorbent layer to mop up spills and other fluids.


NPC CodeIPS CodeDescriptionSize (mm)Pallet Qty
4042Multi-fold400 x 40012 bags x 100 sheets
D057ABPre-folded500 x 45010 bags x 100 sheets
VMS001D057AGPre-folded500 x 45010 bags x 100 sheets
D058ABFlat Sheet500 x 5004 bags x 250 sheets
TPLD057ABPre-folded500 x 45010 bags x 100 sheets
TPLD058ABFlat Sheet500 x 5004 bags x 250 sheets