CSSD Disposables

Foldex Sterile Supply Disposables. With over fifty years manufacturing experience, IPS Converters has developed a comprehensive range of disposable hand towels, surgeon’s towels, sterile supply wipes and laminates for procedure, kit and theatre packs in the healthcare market. With annual capacity in excess of 100 million towels, the Foldex range of sterile supply disposables is a leading choice for both NHS sterile supply departments and pack manufacturers both in the UK and overseas.

All products in the Foldex sterile supply range are CE marked Class I Medical Devices.

  • Foldex Clinical Procedure Sheets

    Manufactured from 1 ply absorbent cellulose tissue laminated to 1 ply polythene film to create an absorbent clinical field with a waterproof barrier which can absorb residual fluids and spillages whilst providing a waterproof barrier.
  • Foldex Theatre Tray Liners

    Manufactured from a choice of base sheet materials, either soft, absorbent air-laid cellulose or medical grade crepe paper. Used beneath instruments in theatre trays, the high levels of absorbency typical of cellulose based materials helps to remove condensation during steam sterilisation.
  • Foldex Theatre Towels

    A high specification hand towel for the most demanding of clinical procedures.
  • Foldex Scrim Towels

    Pre-folded scrim reinforced hand towels suitable for use as a surgeons hand towel in theatre and gown packs.
  • Foldex Dressing Towel

    Pre-folded dressing towels suitable for use in a wide range of ‘soft packs’.
  • Foldex Clinical Sheets – Laminate

    High quality, pre-folded, laminated clinical sheets manufactured from absorbent cellulose tissue and soft non-woven fabric.
  • Foldex Baby Towel – Disposable

    A pre-folded disposable baby towel manufactured from soft, delicate and absorbent spun-lace viscose polyester non-woven for use in delivery and maternity packs.