Hizorb 404 – softness, strength and high absorbency.

IPS Converters Hizorb 404 wipes are manufactured using DRC (double re-creped) base sheet material at our UK factory in the north west of England.

So what is DRC? It’s a layered cellulose base sheet that’s soft, highly absorbent and durable. The unique structure of DRC delivers great wet-strength, it’ll clean up fast without falling apart and it’s soft on your hands compared to paper towels.

That’s great value for money performance for a wide range of industries including food service and hospitality, industrial, manufacturing and utilities markets.

Hizorb 404 wipes are soft enough to use as a premium hand towel both for hospitality and personal care and absorbent and durable enough to be used in print workshops and industrial application involving grease and oils.

Hizorb 404 wipes from IPS Converters are available in blue or white in the following formats:

  • pre-folded wipes
  • Hizorb-Box
  • flat sheets wipes
  • coreless perforated rolls.
Boxes of Hizorb wipes
Hizorb 1600 WP/PES Wipers - IPS Converters

The wipes also come in a choice of sizes. See the table below for a full breakdown of the Hizorb 404 wipes range.

IPS Hizorb 404 wipes size chart

For more information or a free sample call us 00 44 (0)161 626 1844 and ask to speak to our sales team or email us sales@ipsconverters.com.