Sterile Supplies Dept

Saving Time For Sterile Supply Departments

The Problem

Each day the Sterile Supply Department Manager had to allocate team members to hand fold large towels/drapes into a folded format which would fit in a sterile pack.

To meet the daily pack quotas an increasing number of team members had to be allocated to this very simple but time-consuming task.

The original presentation of the towels was bulk folded. The whole stack had to be opened out and then each towel had to be individually folded several times to fit into the sterile pack.

Because the team was spending so much time hand folding there was not enough time to complete other tasks – targets were not being met.

The Solution

IPS Converters was already an existing supplier to the hospital. On a visit to the Sterile Supply Department we could see that too much time and resources was being tied up in this simple process.

We took the problem back to our engineering team who designed and built a converting machine.

By sourcing large parent rolls, we were able to machine fold in line all the major folds of the towel and present the client with an individually pre-folded solution to their problem.

The Results

  • The end user now had a product of consistent quality.
  • Team members were freed up to focus on other more valued processes.
  • The team were able to meet and exceed the daily requirements from the hospital.
  • The new pre-folded towel now available nationally.
  • The original bulk folded competitor towel has been discontinued.
  • 4Manual folds taken out of the process.
  • AllPre-folded towels now available on demand.
  • 80+%Reduction in process time.
  • 13Million towels manufactured and processed.